This is a monoecious, Ukrainian breed that was later transferred to Germany and France where it is now being multiplied. Uzo31 is a very early variety with a very low branching tendency.


It is not very suitable for early sowing at low latitudes (for example in central-southern Italy). When it is sown before mid-April at low latitudes, early flowering phenomena are not uncommon, and this can compromise the grain harvest. The yield averages between 0.8 and 1 tons of seed per hectare and the plant rarely exceed 1.5 meters in height. The production of seeds especially in Italy is subject to remarkable non-uniform ripening, for this reason it is highly advised to acquire prior knowledge of its behaviour in the Mediterranean environment. The oil content of ripe seed is about 25% of the weight, with an average weight of a thousand seeds (TSW) of 16-18 g. This variety show a low production in terms of biomass (around 5 t / Ha) and it is not suitable for production of long fibers. The short fiber content is around 30% of the stalk. Cannabinoid values ​​are particularly low with THC below 0.06% and CBD between 0.5-1%. It is normally used to produce grain for zootechnical use in compliance with legal THC tolerances of the order of ppm (parts per million). We recommend sowing with a density between 35-50 Kg / Ha


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