Santhica 27 and 70

Medium-late flowering monoiceus, French breed. Two varieties are ascribed to this type: the medium-flowering Santhica 27 and the slightly later-flowering Santhica 70.
In terms of production they are similar even if Santhica 27 is more suitable for northern Europe while Santhica 70 can also be grown in lower latitudes such as northern Italy.


On average they produce 300 kg / ha of grain and for this reason they are not very suitable for this use. These two varieties are particularly suitable fiber production and can reach 2-2.5 m in height. The habit of medium vigour with a discrete branching capacity can cause difficulties in harvesting seeds with traditional machines. The oil content of the mature seed is about 25% of the weight. The average weight of a thousand seeds (TSW) remains in the standard of 16-18 gr. They produce up to 8-12 t / Ha with a fiber percentage of 30-35%. Both are characterized by zero THC content and very low CBD. In variable amounts they accumulate CBG from 0.2 to 2%. Used for fiber biomass production. We recommend sowing with a density between 50-60 kg / ha and cut in full bloom.


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