Futura 75

This is medium-flowering monoecious, French breed. On average it produces 300-500 kg / ha of grain in Italy but in optimal conditions there are production peaks of 800 kg / ha.


Suitable for production of both biomass and grain, it can easily reach 3.5 m in height. Its medium vigour with a discrete capacity of branching can cause difficulties in harvesting with traditional machines and result in loss of seed. The oil content of the mature seed is about 28% of the weight. The average weight of a thousand seeds (TSW) of 16-18 gr. It has a good aptitude for biomass production which is around 10-12 t / Ha with a percentage of fiber of 30-35%. The values ​​of the main cannabinoids are: THC below 0.2% and CBD around 2%. It is generally used for biomass and grain production. In this case, it is advisable to pay particular attention to the processing steps and conduct appropriate checks on THC content in food derivatives, where the tolerance is few ppm. We recommend sowing with a density between 25-50 Kg / Ha in relation to desired product.


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