Monoiceus late flowering, French breed. On average it produces 300 kg / ha of grain in Italy but in optimal conditions there are production peaks of 500 kg / ha.


Really good for stalk production at all latitudes. Is not recommended for grain production. It can easily reach 3.5m in height. It is characterized by an evident yellow color, a character linked to the reduced need for fiber maceration. Its medium vigour habit with a discrete branching attitude can cause difficulties in harvesting with traditional machinery. The oil content of the mature seed is about 25% of the weight. The average weight of a thousand seeds (TSW) of 19-20 gr. It has an excellent production of fiber biomass. It can produce up to 15 t / ha of biomass with a fiber content of 40-45%. The values ​​of the main cannabinoids are: THC below 0.2% and CBD around 2%. . We recommend sowing with a density between 70-80 kg / ha and harvest in full bloom.


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