Earlina 8FC

This is a very early flowering monoecious French breed, with a good branching tendency. This variety is suitable for seed production in Northern Europe, it does not well tolerate early sowing at low latitudes.


Under optimal conditions it can produce over 1 t of seeds per hectare and it rarely exceeds 1.5 meters in height. The oil content of the mature seed is about 30% of the weight. The seeds are clearly smaller than other grain cultivars with an average weight of one thousand seeds (TSW) of 12-13g. The breed is not very productive in terms of biomass, generally below 6 t / Ha, and it is not suitable for production of long fiber. The short fiber content is around 25% of the stalk. The values of the main cannabinoids are: THC below 0.15% and CBD around 2%. It is used to produce grain for zootechnical and human use. Sowing with a density between 35-50 Kg / Ha is recommended.


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