Medium-late flowering monoecious varieties for multi-purpose production

The medium-late flowering hemp varieties are designed to provide farmers with a double economic return.

They are characterized by a good production of biomass (stem) that can be used to obtain fibers and shives, and additionally it yields a good seed production. Grain yield is generally lower than the early varieties preferred for this purpose.

A further consideration to be made when choosing these varieties is that later ripening can expose farmers to partial or total loss of seed harvest due to intense weather events.

Due to their greater vigour, it may be necessary to use mechanical harvesting systems specifically designed for hemp.

Some of these varieties can additionally provide a third product to produce floral biomass; this biomass is suitable for the extraction of cannabinoids and secondary metabolites that are of particular interest to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

The three possible products described above, namely stem biomass, grain and floral biomass, are not perfectly complementary; yields and qualities depend on the stage of development of the plant.

It is therefore necessary to make a careful choice and decide what should be the elective product; Consequently the remnant products should be considered as by-products which anyhow retain a good economic value.

It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to the harvesting phase, which will be adapted to the main chosen product.


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