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Quality starts in the field – planting the right seeds is the key to achieve optimal results.

Through Hemp Grain Specialist you can acquire high quality hemp seed from a diverse spectrum of European cultivars.

We provide stable and well tested hemp cultivars for Italian and other European markets. We work constantly on evaluating the performance of different hemp cultivars while updating our seeds offerings regarding new hemp genetic releases. Although we believe that hemp cultivars have to be rigorously tested under different environmental and climatic conditions and according to the products of interest.

Currently, hemp seeds high due to difficulties in finalizing offers and requests in the right way. The most critical aspect is related to the seed production for the following season as the viability of seeds can’t be maintained easily for a long period. Therefore, we offer special conditions to those farmers which want to order seeds in advance.

We are always looking for new partners which like to be involved in one of our (research) projects especially in regards to the field of multiplication or to introduce hemp grain on the European market. Please contact us for any kind of interest within the world of hemp.

We believe that a strong and diverse network of actors will support the development of hemp in one of the most sustainable crops within the next years.

Hemp cultivar available